Improved Stock Control

Improved Stock Control is essential to any stock carrying business. Effectively managing your inventory, you can help avoid customer delays and reduce unnecessary costs incurred from overstocking, storage and leakage.

The stock location management system allows goods to be moved around the warehouse or transferred between your branches. Further Item tracking is available through batches, serial numbers and barcoding.

Virtually any type of product can be set up to include additional information, such as length and width or whatever detail your business requires. Items can be stored and sold individually or by pack.

Stock Control at Your Fingertips

Instant access to your stock figures is vital. The system is designed to provide you with greater control over the products you carry. Through comprehensive reporting you can check and adjust stock levels and valuations at any point in time. Stock cost prices can be controlled from the product or you can use the item's latest, average or fixed cost price. Job lots and remnants can be given their own selling prices.

The stock book shows you what stock is available and where it is located. Our smart allocation wizard allows you to manage your orders and reallocate them as required.