Packs, Rolls, Cuts & Remnants

The system is specially designed to work with roll stock, where cuts are taken from rolls when sold, and can be fully managed through the stock book. When selecting from roll stock, the balance of the rolls and what cuts are reserved against other sales are shown.

Every stocked roll includes branch, batch and location management. Default roll length, cut wastage and write-off quantities can be set up for each product. Stock can be cut, split and adjusted to cater for damaged items or end of rolls. Returned or left over cuts can changed into remnants and can include their own individual selling price if required. Labels can be printed for better stock control, allowing you to identify customer orders and know what's left on an open roll.


When selling packs where you need to identify the quantity or coverage in them, you can create products to sell as full or split packs. Simply set up these products with their quantity of items per pack and allow the pack to be split or not. When you come to sell these products to your customer and they require a certain area to be covered. The system will calculate the number of packs, from this quantity, splitting the pack if allowed. The stock book and product lists will show the pack details and allow you to manage these as packs or total number of items. Packs are the perfect solution for managing laminate and wood flooring, bags of underlay and boxes of tiles.

Box of Items

All products can be sold individually, but you may have the requirement to sell items as boxes or cartons. Your products can be set up to be items and then a box of those items, so you can sell these separately through one product code and as a box using another. Very handy when working with items you split, like boxes of light bulbs or cans of coke, where the box has a different price from the individual split item.