Flexible Stock Control with Quotes, Orders and Job Management Options

Company Dynamics is a complete and comprehensive business management package with the flexibility to provide screens and documents to suit your way of working.

We have affordable packages for large and small companies that will fit almost every sector of business including retail, contract, construction, project management and services. Our unique communications system allows you to sell and manage anything, anywhere live at any time.

Our systems come with the option of data hosting or onsite installation. All you need is a simple internet connection to link your branches, warehouses, your sales teams, workforce and websites.

Gain more control over your business with our Stock, Sales, Purchases and Accounts Systems

The quotation, sales and stock control software can work with any type of product including rolls and packs. Goods can be delivered and work done using target and action dates from within our excellent job management system. All orders, appointments, activities, files, Emails and documents can be stored and viewed via the powerful integrated diary system.

We can further tailor your documents to allow you to project a professional image.

Our Individual Approach

We understand that every customer has different goals but our aim is to make you and your customers happy. To do this we give you the best integrated software designed around your way of working, with the right information at your fingertips you'll find it easy to offer great customer service.

We take the time to get to know the ins and outs of your business and fine tune our software to suit your needs. We can install it at a pace that suits you, and agree a plan of action for installation, data migration, training and support, to avoid disruption to your business.

You can have the system adapted to suit your needs and budget. Our packages can be expanded and upgraded as your company grows. We also offer on and off site consultancy and training, backed up with telephone and email helpdesk.