Diaries, Email and Documents

Diaries, Email and Documents allow you to manage your appointments, helping you to control people and organise jobs. Activities can be entered using our detailed diary event forms, and new categories of activity can be easily created.

Each entry can be linked to people, customers, specific orders, letters, scans and files. Users can view, manage and printout their own schedule and see any items related to them and their work. Attached files are stored in the system and can be accessed from anywhere.

Entries and status are colour coded to give a quick visual identification for ease of use and prioritising. The system can be setup to automatically create entries for logging specific print jobs like statements or letters all linked back to the particular order or customer as required.

Servicing Your Customers

Document templates can be stored in the system and used for mail merging from your orders. These documents can be easily saved as a record of what you have sent, all accessible from within your system.

Emails can be sent from virtually anywhere in the system, with documents attached as PDF files. Further system setup can allow emails to be automatically sent to customers when internal users change work items or documents are created.