CRM & Project Management

CRM & Project Management makes looking after your customers simple. Customer satisfaction is the most important part of any business. Having quick access to their current orders status and contact information helps improve your workflow and allows you to keep them up to date.

The system is geared to allow your staff to view and effectively manage customer leads, quotes, orders, queries and complaints. All activities from initial enquiries through to final delivery and after sales service can be tracked and monitored as they are linked to the customer and their orders.

You can create mailing lists or email your customers directly with documents, service updates or your latest marketing. Being able to simply organise this will help you provide a first class customer service.

Better Control of Projects

Managing projects, no matter how complex, is about having access to up-to-date information, and being able to plan and organise all the activities, items, costs and people related to it. You can schedule meetings and organise activities directly with your users and clients personal diary to keep them up-to-date as your projects progress.