Integrated Accounts and VAT

Integrated Accounts & VAT lets you prepare a Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Bank Reconciliation and VAT returns. Draft accounts can be produced for the company as a whole or for each branch allowing you to monitor profit.

The preset nominal code list caters for most companies and can further edited to allow additional accounting set ups to be introduced.

The nominal accounting system can be started from any point in time and you can run month or weekly accounts. Closed accounting periods can be opened to rectify mistakes, with a "Signed Off" date to stop further entries once your accounts have been finalised.

The VAT date system works separately from the main accounts with its own start and closing dates and will work with normal, cash accounting or a mixture of both.

Accounting Made Easy

You can access your sales and purchase transactions directly from their related accounts journal. A drill down facility allows you to look at individual journals directly from the trial balance. Journals containing different branches automatically update an inter branch control account. To help you have tighter control over your money and bank accounts any nominal account can be reconciled if required.